Ingria Business Incubator

Ingria Business-Incubator, Director, Igor Rozhdestvenskiy



BA Group is a partner of Ingria Business Incubator (St. Petrsburg), and its experts take part regularly in mentors and investors sessions and other our events. Ingria residents take opinion from the experts of the BA Group company on organization and business-planning, tax and accounting issues, fundraising, etc. 

BA Group people always labour the point and advice our start-up companies on a subject in a lay language. Added value for the Ingria and success of our residents is that the BA Group team has got rich experience and solutions for support of deals on technologies transfer. The question is on support of investment projects, licensing, establishing of joint venture, also with foreign partners.


Why BA Group?

1. Workshop "tailoring". We work with each client in a special way, based on its specific needs, combining ready-made and unique solutions tailored to each company.
2. An integrated approach. We try to provide solutions to the maximum range of challenges facing the Client. Our experts have developed a range of services in support of business on the principle of "one window", including accounting, legal services, advising on financial and personnel matters, services in the company's internationalization, support of foreign trade activities, and others.
3. The success of our clients - and our achievement, because we are working on the result. Our team consists of professionals working practices with years of experience of quality work. We invest time and money in training its employees and the development of advanced technologies.

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