Project 1. Automation of accounting processes in a holding company

Automation  of accounting processes in a holding company

Terms: 2013

Location: St.Petersburg, Moscow, other regions of the RF

Sphere of business: retail, wholesales, manufacturing, real estate administration

Client: a group of companies (more than 10 companies) of different legal forms, using different tax treatments. Tax and managerial accounting was held by several accounting departments. Budgeting process was held by financial department by data transfer from 1C program to Excel tables.

Case: While a business growing up and expansion of a number of business-operations and appearance of new branches a company faced a number of challenges like:

•    Receiving and processing of data on incomes and costs slowed down up to several months
•    Fairness and comparability of data was a poor quality  
•    A company faced troubles with control of updating of accounting data
•    Obtaining of correct data was highly responded on skills of concrete people
•    Long time of getting of off-standard reports, small possibilities for immediate analysis.

Objectives – in short time to elaborate a joint automatic system for accumulation and analysis of operative data. 

Automation  of accounting processes in a holding company

Project tasks:

•    Introduce automation and processing of data on income, costs and cash flow of all branches
•    Introduce automation of budgeting
•    Build up a system so, that new branches are introduced in a joint system easily
•    Term of accounting period closing (with a control of allocation of data on center for financial responsibility) including final reports is not more than 10 working days    •    
•    Trough the automation of processes cut a number of financial departments and eliminate duplication of activities


•    Term of accounting period closing, control and final reports is reduced to 8 days
•    All operations are brought into a joint accounting system
•    At the end of accounting period a wide package of standard analytic reports in different aspects is drawn  
•    A possibility to draw off-standard reports on request of manager is implemented
•    Automatic process of budgeting and payments approval is introduced
•    Company management controls flow of money on all business-processes in every branch and in a whole holding company in general
•    Duplication of activities is eliminated
•    Staff number is cut

Why BA Group?

1. Workshop "tailoring". We work with each client in a special way, based on its specific needs, combining ready-made and unique solutions tailored to each company.
2. An integrated approach. We try to provide solutions to the maximum range of challenges facing the Client. Our experts have developed a range of services in support of business on the principle of "one window", including accounting, legal services, advising on financial and personnel matters, services in the company's internationalization, support of foreign trade activities, and others.
3. The success of our clients - and our achievement, because we are working on the result. Our team consists of professionals working practices with years of experience of quality work. We invest time and money in training its employees and the development of advanced technologies.

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