Project 2. An efficient corporate, financial and tax structures for an insurance company

Elaboration and implementation of efficient corporate, financial and tax structures for an insurance company, which meet requirements for loan from bank. 

Terms: 2015

Location: Parent Corporation -  Moscow, group of companies – St. Petersburg and other regions.

Sphere of business: insurance

Client  – a group of companies, located in different regions of the Russian Federation, Parent Corporation is a management company in Moscow. Due to rise of business and entering new markets, a company faced a need to attract more funds and sharing a business with a strategic investor.  

Previously funds were attracted to a company form shareholders and affiliated companies. 

Case: Legal structure of a group and cash flow inside it was not consolidated by common holding  and thereby not transparent. High-risk methods of tax optimization were applied, this might be a cause of additional tax payments in future.  
Objectives – to elaborate an efficient structure of business (legal, financial and tax), which meet bank and a potential investor requirements form the point of its transparency and risks minimization.  

Project tasks:
•    make a detailed analysis:
-    of a current shareholding structure of a company, including analysis of all rights of shareholders;
-    of a structure of current inside a group debts and company assets;
•    provide a comprehensive legal support of restructuring processes (including a state registration procedure)

- an effective corporate structure is elaborated with appliance of different jurisdictions and tax treatments
- all potential risks are considered and solutions for their minimization are recommended  
- restructuring of assets is done within:
•   subject to compliance all legal requirements and supervisory authorities  
•  minimal tax effects within transactions  
•  optimization of inside a group debts
•  minimization of a demand of inside a group payments  
•  protection of assets within a transition period
- drafted contracts for restructuring assets including contracts for assignment of claim, assignment of debts, loan to own, etc.

Why BA Group?

1. Workshop "tailoring". We work with each client in a special way, based on its specific needs, combining ready-made and unique solutions tailored to each company.
2. An integrated approach. We try to provide solutions to the maximum range of challenges facing the Client. Our experts have developed a range of services in support of business on the principle of "one window", including accounting, legal services, advising on financial and personnel matters, services in the company's internationalization, support of foreign trade activities, and others.
3. The success of our clients - and our achievement, because we are working on the result. Our team consists of professionals working practices with years of experience of quality work. We invest time and money in training its employees and the development of advanced technologies.

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